Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Hair & God's Mercies...New Every Morning by Yvette Maher

About the Book:

Yvette Maher, a Kentucky farm girl, shares her life’s traumas, trials, and triumphs. Before Yvette became a Christian, she dealt with emotional pain by filling the voids with drugs, alcohol, and empty relationships. Yet God did not abandon her. Through poignant stories laced with humor and irony, Yvette reveals how God has redeemed her devastating childhood by enabling her to forgive her murderous and unfaithful father and cope with her mother’s debilitating depression. She tells how God has blessed her marriage even though she was several months pregnant when she walked down the aisle. Throughout the wild changes that have occurred in Yvette’s life, God has been with her, ever-present and offering grace at each turn.

My Review: 

3.8 Stars

My Hair & God's Mercies....New Every Morning is overall a short and simple story (only 168 pages) but brings the powerful message that God grace is with us no matter where we go and where we can from. Many people could identify with Yvette ( I could not personally, but do know what trials and struggles are like, just different ones) and many will find there background may be similar to hers. Yvette may not have come from the best of background but she proves that with faith anything is possible and that the future does not have to repeat the past. She is not a perfect person, and the book really shows that, but is still a child of God and pursues God's plan for her the best she can. I would recommend this book to someone that wants to be encouraged from someone else's testimony and wants a short simple read.

* I received this book through Netgalley for the purpose of this review.

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