Monday, March 30, 2015

Snuggle Time Devotions that End with a Hug

About the Book:

Children will grow in their understanding of faith and look forward to spending time with God as they read, play, hug, and get inspired through these 52 heartwarming snuggle time devotions. Along with the short devotional reading and Bible story, each snuggle time moment features a game or activity to help kids remember the lesson and tuck it away in their heart. This book will get you and your child talking together, laughing together, and hugging together! It’s a great way to strengthen your parent-child relationship while introducing young children to the joys of spending time with God. It’s also an effective resource for helping to shape behavior and for teaching kids biblically based life principles.

My Review:
4 Stars

Such and adorable little devotional for young kids. This is a great book for 2-4 years old and a way to establish devotion time. It is broken into 52 devotions which is nice since it works great as 1 a week, and repeating that 1 throughout the week since little kids learn by repetition. The illunstrations are just adorable and will delight children and adults alike. I love that it includes bible reference so its easy to pull it up and show kids where in the Bible it is and teach them the importance of everything being tied back to the Bible. The only think I didn't love about this book is the activities, many didn't seem to tie well and many just awkward and time consuming. Not something that we would do at night when many do devotions.

This is just one of a few books in the End with a Hug series and its just as cute and good as the others. This is a great book for those with young children or who interact regulary with them. 

* I received this book through Tyndale Blog Network for the purpose of this review. Thank You!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck

About the Book:

Series: The Royal Wedding #3

She caught her prince once. Can she catch him again?

American heiress Corina Del Rey’s life was devastated by war. Every thing she loved was lost. But after five years of grief, she’s shed her grave clothes and started over in the sunshine along the Florida coast.

But some things are not so easily forgotten. When a secret from her past confronts her face to face, she realizes she must follow her heart. Even if it cost her everything.

Prince Stephen of Brighton Kingdom is a former Royal Air Command lieutenant turned star rugby player, trying to make sense of his life after the devastation of war.

When his brother, King Nathaniel, discovers Stephen’s pre war secret, he must deal with an aspect of his life he longed to forget. But how can he do so without exposing the truth and breaching national security?

Yet, true love has a destiny all it’s own. As the cathedral bells peal through Cathedral City, Corina and Stephen must chose to answer the call of love on their hearts.

Or let it be lost forever?

My Review:

4 Stars

How to Catch a Prince is the final book in Rachel Hauck's The Royal Wedding series and I found it just as good as the first two. I really enjoyed reading this whole series and highly recommend it to others. Please note though that this is a series that should be read in order as each book does build on each other.

Rachel Hauck is a fantastic author and one I know I read in the future again. She does such a great job at bringing the characters and settings to life. I really have enjoyed Prince Stephan and Corina and felt like they were real people and wanted to know more about them. I am sad to see this series end but it was a fantastic journey!

*I received this book through Litfuse Publicity for the purpose of this review. Thank You!