Monday, October 29, 2012

A Farmer's Daughter by Dawn Stoltzfus

About the Book:

Over 200 mouthwatering recipes--fresh from the farm

I'm Dawn Stoltzfus. Welcome to my kitchen! I was raised on a Mennonite farm where simple, wholesome food was a key ingredient of the good life. Now I'm opening up my recipe box, wiping away the crumbs and wrinkles from the well-loved recipe cards, and sharing them with you. From Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls and Strawberry Shortcake to Old-Fashioned Beef Stew and Chicken and Herb Dumplings, all the best comfort foods I learned to cook from my mother are here, along with some dishes that may surprise you!

In addition to the simple, wholesome recipes for starters, main dishes, sides, and desserts, I share favorite stories from my Mennonite upbringing, tips and tricks for easy meal planning and preparation, and ideas for serving with flair.

If you enjoy feeding your family hearty, wholesome meals made with fresh ingredients and lots of love, please join me in the kitchen! 
 My Review:
 5 Stars
 I love, love, love this cookbook. This is one my my new favorite cookbooks. There are so many recipes I want to try in it, that it can be hard to decide which one to do next. I have tried three recipes so far with many more flagged to try in the future. My favorite so far was the Chicken and Herb Dumplings. This dish was so delicious and made great leftovers, it had a great balance of veggies and chicken. The flavor was so good that it is hard to stop eating.
So many times I am disappointed in cookbooks. Either the recipes don't come out good or they are made of simply dumping cans together or using a box mix and adding something to it. When I want to cook I want to cook a real meal and this cookbook is great for that person. It is full of recipes that use fresh ingredients and are simple enough for the busy person or the new cook. I loved all the little notes the author includes which range from tips on making the dish or where the meal came from.
If you are tired of the same old cookbooks and want something fresh make sure you pick up this great cookbook. The only downside I can even come up with is there is no pictures, but everything else is so great that you will hardly care in the end.
 *I received this book from Revell books for the purpose of this review. Thank you!


  1. I love cook books. I enjoy so trying out new recipes to feed my husband and new dessert recipes to feed our sunday school class when we sign up to bring in goodies! I will definitely be putting this cook book on my list!

    Thanks for your helpful review.


  2. I really liked this one as well. I tried the recipe she had for bbq meatballs, although I just made the sauce and put it over ribs in the crock pot. It was fantastic and my family has said it's their new favorite bbq sauce.

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