Saturday, October 13, 2012

When A Heart Stops by Lynette Eason

About the Book:

A killer's deadly game needs new players . . . but someone's about to change the rules

As a medical examiner, Serena Hopkins is used to dealing with death. But that doesn't make it any easier when she's called to the eerie scene of a murder--especially when Serena realizes that she knows the victim. Nearly as unnerving is the presence of FBI agent Dominic Allen, her childhood crush.

As evidence mounts and points to a serial killer with disturbingly familiar methods, Serena and Dominic must work to find a pattern and stop the killings before the murderer strikes again. And when Serena's own life seems at stake, she must decide if the secret she has been keeping has put her next on the killer's hit list. Can she trust Dominic with the truth before it's too late?

My Review:

4 Stars

When A Heart Stops is book 2 in Lynette Eason's Deadly Reunions series. This book picks up where the last book ended and I strongly recommend reading the books in order. In fact it would be easy to be confused if you had not read the first book. While I found the first book to be filled with non stop action and and a complete page turner I did not find that with this book. I did find that the suspense was more chilling, creepy and very intricate and that made me want to finish the book to find out what happens. The only problem I had in the end is that this book ended with another cliff hanger just like the first book. Now to wait more months till the final book comes out and the story can wrap up. This is the type of series that I would much rather read all at once then waiting for each book to come out.

*I received the book from Revell for the purpose of this review. Thank you Revell!

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