Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dry as Rain by Gina Holmes

Dry as Rain is Gina Holmes second novel. This book centers around infidelity. The themes of the book are the truth, forgiveness and second chances.

Eric and Kyra have been married for 20 years and have one son, Benji, who dreams are crushed by being medically discharged from the Navy. When Kyra discovers an e-mail that Eric sent to another women her fears that he is having and affair come to reality. Just separated, Kyra is in an accident and when awake has lost some of her memories. Eric is excited that he gets a second chance with wife that he realizes that he truly does love and doesn't want to leave. As Kyra begins to gain more and more memories back Erick struggles with the truth of what happened between them and if he should tell her or allow her to remember on her own.

While I loved her debut novel, I did not find that this one was as strong. I found the story to move a little slow and needed more depth to really feel the pain, struggle, and hope of the characters.

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