Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beneath the Night Fall by Nicole Baart

Beneath the Night Tree is the conclusion to After the Leaves Fall and Summer Snow. Julia DeSmit whose story started back in After the Leaves Fall as a college student when she found herself pregnant with her TA from college. Summer Snow carries her story onward with the birth of her child. Now in Beneath the Tree she finds herself a few years later and with a long term boyfriend. Then the expected arrives....her son's father whose first question is "Do I Have a Child?"

While I enjoyed the overall story line of the book, I did feel that it lacked the depth that it deserved. The plot is nothing new and used a lot and this book did not bring any new thought into the basic story line. The biggest reason I picked it up was to finish Julia's story and to hope that they author had grown deeper in her writing, but was sad to find out that it read just like the other ones.

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  1. Thanks! I've got After the Leaves Fall in the pile to read soon.