Sunday, April 29, 2012

Travelers Rest by Ann Tatlock

5 Stars

About the Book:

A YOUNG WOMAN determined to honor her commitment...
AN INJURED SOLDIER convinced life is no longer worth living...
A RETIRED DOCTOR certain it's too late to be forgiven...

Jane Morrow has a dilemma, and love alone may not solve it. Her faith has never been strong, yet somehow she hopes God will answer her prayers and tell her what to do. The answer she finds may not be at all what she expected...

My Review:

What a fantastic contemporary novel. This is my first book from Ann Tatlock but I know I will reading more. It pulled me from page one and I had a very hard time putting it down and found myself reading it within a day. I loved how this story was so much to do about healing and forgiveness. I loved Jane's character and wondered many times if I would have the same determination to honor a commitment as she did. She had to deal with life changing circumstances and in the end things worked out so great. I really enjoyed how Ann ended the book and the end was even better than I was hoping. 

Ann Tatlock weaves together a beautiful story set in the upcountry of North Carolina and will pull you in and make you feel what the characters are feeling. If you loved a great contemporary novel then look no further you have found your book. 

*With thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book to review, and honest opinion was all that was requested. Thank you Ann!


  1. I am anxious to find out what happened to Jane.
    The blurb was enticing, but the review really got my interest.

  2. Hi, thanks for your thoughts on this one, I have only read one book by Ann and it too was a good one so will be looking for this one...
    Paula O(

  3. I live in SC, and there is a little town of Travelers Rest just 20 minutes or so from me!
    I mostloy read historical fiction, but might have to pick this one up if I see it around.


  4. love finding a book that captivates !
    looking fwd to reading this one shortly for review as well.. thanks for sharing yours ;)