Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fire in Ember by DiAnn Mills

The Fire in Ember: A Novel

The Fire in Ember by DiAnn Mills falls in the the category of historical romance, and like many of the historical romances out there the end is fairly predictable. It is the middle that is exciting, full of wanting to know what happens and how the girl will fall in love with the guy. This is a great book for anyone looking for a fun, quick read that is not heavy and full of romance, suspense, some action, all set in the ole' west.

Bert, a young lady, disguised as a boy in the beginning of the story. She thinks she is doing a good deed by returning a stolen horse. She quickly finds herself about to be hung, because some ranch hands believe her to be the horse thief.

John Timmons saves Bert, thinking he is a young boy, from the hanging and has in work of his debt because he doesn't think it is right to hang someone so young.

Bert is full of secrets, and will not give them up easy. Once John Timmons knows she is a woman he pry's harder and harder to find out the truth about her, all while falling in love with her.

Will John find out the secrets that Bert carries with her? How will this unlikely pair fall in love?

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and plan to read other books from DiAnn Mills. I really found myself drawn to Bert's Character. I constantly wanted to find out more about her and where she came from and her secrets that she kept so very hidden. In the end I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I received this book from zondervan in exchange for my honest review.

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