Sunday, September 18, 2011

Composing Amelia by Alison Strobel

Composing Amelia: A Novel

Amazing, Alison Strobel has done it again! Each book she writes gets better and better. Composing Ameila is not only a fantastic book but one that makes you think and feel for the characters. This is one of those books that will always remain on my bookshelf and will be reread many times. This is a 10+ star book!

Ameila and Marcus Sheffield are newlyweds and just out of college, they are both working multiple part time jobs to just be able to pay the bills while living in LA. Neither one are really happy with their jobs and both are looking to develop their careers. Amelia wants to be professional piano player and Marcus is trying to find a pastor position. After a few months of working their part time jobs they both end up with opportunities in their fields, but problem is created. Marcus gets offered a senior pastor job in a small town in Nebraska while Amelia gets a job playing piano for a brand new theater company in LA.

Marcus stands up and plays the he is more spiritual card and takes the job in Nebraska. Amelia who is know devastated chooses to stay behind for a few months to figure out what she really wants to do. This compromise is catalyst for Amelia's struggle with mental illness. Not long after Marcus has left she falls into depression and is slowly losing hope and questioning her faith. She compares herself to her mother who also had similar problems and that is the last person she wants to be like. Will Ameila find the hope she needs to keep going on? Will she lose all her faith in God and Marcus?

While Ameila is struggling with her issues, Marcus has his own to deal with too. For his whole life he has always tried to make his father proud, but nothing ever works. When he finally finds out that his father had never wanted him he is crushed. He starts to question working as a pastor because he thinks he did it to make his father proud. He, like Amelia, starts losing hope just in different ways. Will Marcus realize that he is called to be a pastor? Will he and Amelia be able to hold on to their marriage?

I received this book through Wynn-Wynn Media in exchange for my honest review.

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