Thursday, November 10, 2016

On shifting Sand by Allison Pittman

About the Book:

From Back Cover:

Long before anyone would christen it “The Dust Bowl,” Nola Merrill senses the destruction. She’s been drying up bit by bit since the day her mother died, leaving her to be raised by a father who withholds his affection the way God keeps a grip on the Oklahoma rain. A hasty marriage to Russ, a young preacher, didn’t bring the escape she desired. Now, twelve years later with two children to raise, new seeds of dissatisfaction take root.

When Jim, a mysterious drifter and long-lost friend from her husband’s past, takes refuge in their home, Nola slowly springs to life under his attentions until a single, reckless encounter brings her to commit the ultimate betrayal of her marriage. For months Nola withers in the wake of the sin she so desperately tries to bury. Guilt and shame consume her physically and spiritually, until an opportunity arises that will bring the family far from the drought and dust of Oklahoma. Or so she thinks. As the storms follow, she is consumed with the burden of her sin and confesses all, hoping to find Russ’s love strong enough to stand the test.

My Review:

4 Stars

I have loved every Allison Pittman book I have read and this one is no exception. Whenever I see she has a new book coming I get so excited to get it and read it.  I will say this book is a bit different that her previous books but in good ways. It has shown she can develop and grow as a writer and so much more.  

On Shifting Sands tells a great story of blame, sin and forgiveness set during the Dust bowl in the 1930's.  I really enjoyed the setting as it was new to me and not a time of history I knew as much about.  I liked Nora story and found it easy to follow along and had a hard time putting the book down.

To all fans of Allison Pittman please go and read this story and those that have never read her books are missing out.

* I received this book through the Tyndale Blog Network. Thank you.

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  1. I'm hit and miss with Allison Pittman, but this one does sound good.