Saturday, March 2, 2013

Upside Down Prayers for Parents by Lisa T. Bergren

About the Book:

Because God Loves Them Even More Than You Do

It’s our instinct as parents to shield our children from harm. But our true responsibility is to raise children equipped to live well for God even in the midst of struggle. Upside-Down Prayers for Parents encourages us to pray for our children in ways we may never have before:

• I pray you’ll get caught doing things wrong—and experience the power of confession.
• I pray your prayers will go unanswered—and you’ll find a deeper trust in Him.
• I pray you’ll fail in things that don’t matter—and learn what matters to GoHTd.
• I pray you’ll encounter battles—and discover that God is your greatest ally.

By turning our prayers “upside down,” we not only learn to release our children to the care of God alone, we also uncover how our own desires need to be submitted to God’s will.

Each entry in this thirty-one-day devotional includes a short reflection, a Scripture verse, and ideas to jump-start conversations between you and your child or teenager. Together you’ll discover a deeper trust in God that will help you make it through the upside-down times with a right-side-up perspective. 

My Review:

What a great little devotional for parents with kids of all ages. For those with just babies and toddlers it gives you something to think about as the get older, and those with older kids something that applies to the present.

This devotional encourages parents to pray for things they wouldn't think off. Its prayers that God will put our children in situations that may not be easy but can be used to help them draw closer to God and learn important lessons. This is a challenging book and at times can make you angry because no parent really wants to see their kids go through hard things even knowing they will be better off for it.

I highly recommend this book to any one with kids and those wanting kids in the future. It can even be handy for grandparents to read and encourage them in new ways to pray for their grand children.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

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