Monday, July 23, 2012

The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones

About the book:

Jeremiah Williams has been tending the gardens of the Tennessee governor’s mansion for over twenty-five years. And like most first families who have come and gone, this one has stolen his heart.
Mackenzie and her husband, Governor Gray London, have struggled for ten years to have a child and are now enjoying a sweet season of life—anticipating the coming reelection and sending their precious daughter, Maddie, off to kindergarten—when a tragedy tears their world apart. As the entire state mourns, Mackenzie falls into a grief that threatens to swallow her whole.
Though his heart is also broken, Jeremiah realizes that his gift of gardening is about far more than pulling weeds and planting flowers. It’s about tending hearts as well. As he uses the tools that have been placed in his hands, he gently begins to cultivate the hard soil of Mackenzie’s heart, hoping to help her realize what it took him years to discover.
A Southern tale of loss, love, and living, The First Gardner reminds us that all of life is a gift, but our heart is the most valuable gift of all.

My Review:

4.5 Stars

Wow, what an emotional book. I have read a few of Denise's books and she is typical a very deep and emotional book but this book was just way more emotional than the others. I do not want to go into to many details and ruin the plot but I will warn anyone who picks the book up that it is super sad but does have a happy ending. There are many lessons Mack and Gray learn and many are ones that we need to learn to. I loved the realness of the characters and could feel there pain. Even though there were times I would get so mad at Mack for the way she was acting I could feel for her and wanted her to have everything she hoped and dreamed for. Over all this is a great book, but not one for everyone.


  1. Hi, I was so glad to see you review this book! I am a huge fan of Denise's I have read all of her books. This one was a very emotional one!
    I just finished "Hurricanes in Paradise" it was sitting on my shelf forever, Loved it!

    1. I loved Hurricanes in Paradise, that is my favorite from her. It was also cool since I had been to the hotel that it was based at. Didn't spend the night there but been on the grounds and such.

    2. Wow that is so cool that you had been to that hotel!!!
      Have you read "The Will of Wisteria" or the Savannah series?
      All are excellent!

  2. I absolutely loved this book! I just bawled the whole time I was reading, which thoroughly freaked my husband out. :) Hurricanes in Paradise has been on my TBR list for a while. I need to get to it soon!

  3. I loved this book and the ending where the gardener went home and we found out where home was!