Friday, October 7, 2011

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin

Wonderland Creek, Lynn Austin, 978-0-7642-0498-2

What if real life becomes more adventuresome, more romantic, and more engaging than fictional stories? This is what happens to Alice Ripley who has been living with her nose stuck in a book and barely paying attention to the world around her. When her boyfriend breaks up with her and she loses her job at the library during the depression she decided to up and go to Acorn, Kentucky to deliver books that her town as donated. What she finds in Acorn is so much more than a library in need of books. She finds true friendship, love, adventure, and an interest in life outside of books.

I found this book to be amazing, it has so much depth to the characters and the stories of their lives fascinated me. As much as the story was about Alice it was also about the many residents of Acorn. Lynn Austin is such a gifted and talented writer and brought so much excitement in this book, she wrote with vivid detail that I could picture myself right along side Alice. She also filled the book with so many twists and turns that once I thought I knew what was going to happen something changed.

This is the type of book that I would recommend to everyone since it has something for all: history, romance, adventure, and even some suspense. This is definitely a 5 star book!

I recieved this book from the publisher, Bethany House, in exchange for my honest review! Thank you Bethany House!

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